P: 03 9532 0811
P: 03 9532 0811



  1. Are my donations tax deductable?
    Yes. All donations to TaskForce over $2 are tax deductible.
  2. I am not a client of TaskForce, but I think some of your programs will be helpful for myself or someone I know. Can I participate?
    Please contact our Head Office to assess eligibility.
  3. Are your programs free?
    Most of our programs are funded by Federal, State and Local governments to assist the community; these programs are free to those eligible. Our only fee-for-service programs are the Wrap Around Service and Training & Development services.
  1. Can I refer myself or someone I know to TaskForce’s services? How?
    You can no longer make direct referrals to our service for clients over the age of 25, you can now be referred by calling Inner South (Bayside Alcohol and Other Drugs) on: 9690 9778 and requesting to see TaskForce.

Training Services

  1. What are accredited programs?
    Accredited programs are nationally recognised certifications.
  2. What are pre-­‐accredited programs?
    Pre-accredited programs are not nationally recognised programs. Participants in pre-accredited programs will receive a certificate of participation.
  1. Can I claim concession rates for training services with TaskForce?
    Please contact our Training & Development team to discuss rates. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Counselling Services

  1. Are counselling sessions confidential?
    Yes. Referrals and counselling sessions are kept in strict confidence. This will be discussed in ore detail at your first session.
  2. I don’t want to leave my home, can an outreach worker come to me?
    For safety reasons, our outreach workers are not allowed to enter clients’ homes. Our outreach workers can meet you at a place close to your home such as at a coffee shop, work or school.
  1. What is short & medium term counselling?
    Short term counselling is usually defined as 4 sessions of counselling & medium term ranges between 5 and 15 counselling sessions.