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Our commitment to community education and support extends to a range of workshops and programs devised specifically for delivery to school groups.

Adaptable and tailored, these programs are focused on harm reduction around alcohol and other drugs through early intervention.
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Drug & Alcohol Education (AWARE)

The AWARE program is aimed at school age young people targeting harm reduction and education around alcohol and other drugs as an early intervention tool.

The Aware program is delivered by our staff that work closely with young people in the community. The Aware program is interactive and educates young people on the effects of using substances.

The program includes, games, information on each substance and lived experience young guest speakers as well as current Australian statistics.

The program can able to be tailored to your school or service needs and can run from an hour to a whole day.

ICE in the community

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to hear from someone who has a lived experience with the drug Ice.

Facilitated by TaskForce this workshop will also cover:

  • myths and facts surrounding the use of Ice in our community is it media hype or Community crisis?
  • risks and harm related to its use,
  • interventions and local Service supports and providers,
  • a lived experience. A personal account of dependence and recovery.

This 2-3 hour presentation provides attendees with information on how to react if someone presents substance affected, what the crystal methamphetamine is, how people use it, how if effects people and what works in becoming abstinent.

A training course with best practice and current information has been developed and there are three variations of this.

  1. Training for Youth & other Workers.
  2. Training for Young people and their families.
  3. Training for volunteers in the community i.e. church groups / op shop staff.

The generic program is adapted to meet the needs of the various cohorts