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General Education

Our general education programs include internationally recognised courses to assist people in frontline service roles in the filed of mental health support, as well courses to empower people with valuable tools and strategies for managing ever increasing pressures of everyday life.

  • Our General Education Courses

Mental Health First Aid


This course is internationally recognised as an important early intervention program in the field of mental health support services.

It teaches how to assist someone who is:
− developing a mental illness or,
− is in a mental health crisis or,
− has a history of mental illness or,
− has long-term mental health problems.

It is particularly helpful for those in frontline service roles, and in any situation where assisting other people is a major part of their job.Mental Health First Aid training has been shown to improve knowledge, reduce stigmatised attitudes, and increase first aid actions towards people with mental health problems.

TaskForce Community Agency delivers the following courses in Mental Health First Aid:;
- Standard Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) - For adults assisting adults who have mental health issues.
- Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMFA) - For adults assisting young people who have mental health issues.


MHFA= 12 Hours, YMHFA = 14 Hours
(Information correct as of February 19, 2016)



This course is designed to assist participants, develop and improve their personal resilience when dealing with work related stresses and other life challenges.
It provides a range of strategies and tools to help people effectively manage the ever increasing pressures in the modern workplace, and in everyday life.

Participants will learn about:
− resilience attributes and how to become more resilient,
− the nature of stress and the strategies to combat unhealthy stress,
− how to deal with difficult behaviours,
− how to improve workplace communication and resolve workplace conflict,
− self-help strategies and other supports.

The course includes a variety of activities such as role plays, exercises, games, group discussion and workbook activities.

Participants receive the workbook resource, information handouts, and a Certificate of Attendance.


7 Hours
(Information correct as of February 19, 2016)