P: 03 9532 0811
P: 03 9532 0811


Volunteers make an invaluable contribution to TaskForce. Our vibrant and growing volunteer community includes participants from all age groups and from all walks of life – including tertiary students, parents and retirees.

Volunteers have the opportunity to become involved in a range of ‘front-of-house’ and ‘behind-the-scenes’ activities within the organization – from assisting in our Art Therapy and Cooking Programs to helping us with back office tasks.

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TaskForce has partnered with a social enterprise, fruit2work, to create paid employment for people who need a second chance. This includes former offenders who may have little employment experience and who require support reintegrating into the workforce. Our program participants have worked hard to turn their lives around and we are looking for someone to mentor them as they transition into the workforce. All participants will be in regular contact with a counsellor at TaskForce. 

We are looking for people interested in mentoring one of our program participants. The role would include:

-       Meeting regularly (weekly/fortnightly) to form a strong relationship with the mentee
-       Providing advice and guidance on being effective, productive and happy in the workforce 
-       Providing general advice and guidance on broader aspects of the mentees life 
-       Preferably mentoring sessions could take place during a delivery route one morning

Please contact Doron from fruit2work on 0431 325 802 for more details.